Q. What is Haven of Rest Ministries?
Haven of Rest Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-denominational, Christian social service organization whose purpose is to serve and glorify God through a Christ-centered outreach of love and compassion that responds to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of disadvantaged men, women and children without regard to their race, color, creed or social standing. Learn more about our history.

Q. How is Haven of Rest funded?
The vast majority of Haven of Rest’s support comes from individuals (90.5% in our 2009-2010 fiscal year, including “gifts-in-kind”). The balance is received from churches, businesses, organizations, and foundations.

Q. How are the funds donated to Haven of Rest used?
The major portion of every dollar received is used for programs and services that benefit needy and homeless people (78.1% in 2009-2010 fiscal year). View the current annual report.

Q. What programs and services are provided by Haven of Rest?
Food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, clothing for the needy; Resident Christ-centered discipleship/recovery programs for men and women whose lives have been shattered by drugs and alcohol; Counseling and assistance for homeless people who need help in obtaining social services; Community outreach events, including a summer picnic, sports camp for boys and girls in grades three through eight, Happy Birthday Jesus Christmas party for neighborhood children, and distribution of Hope Tote bags filled with personal care items to low-income and homeless persons.

Q. Who are the people who come to Haven of Rest?
For the most part they are men, women and children who, for a variety of reasons, have become homeless or are living at or below the poverty level. Many have been living on the streets and walk into Haven of Rest’s day rooms seeking food, shelter, clothing and other forms of assistance. Others are referred to Haven of Rest by networking social service agencies, clergy, law enforcement personnel, and friends and relatives.

Q. What is the average age of those coming to Haven of Rest?
For 30-plus years of its history, Haven of Rest worked primarily with men in there fifties and sixties. Beginning in the mid-70 these traditional “skid row” individuals were joined by a new and rapidly growing group of homeless people. They were much younger and, for the first time, a sizable percentage of them were women, many of them single mothers. The majority of those now coming to Haven of Rest range in age from 18 to 35.

Q. What are the causes of homelessness?
Homelessness cannot be defined simply as “an absence of proper housing.” It is better described as a condition of disaffiliation: a lack of bonds… a profound disconnection from other people and institutions. In a survey of homeless individuals, 75% of those interviewed said they had no family relationships or friends. They were so alienated from society’s systems that they did not know how to take advantage of the social benefits available to them. Studies show that most homelessness today is precipitated by mental illness and/or substance abuse. It is estimated that 65% to 85% of today’s homeless suffer from chronic alcoholism, drug addiction and/or psychiatric disorders. Homelessness occurs when these people drift into isolation, often running away from support. Depressed, abandoned, rejected, fearful and in poor health, they are propelled into a downward spiral.

Q. How can I help Haven of Rest in its outreach to needy and homeless people?
There are four distinct ways you can help Haven of Rest:
Pray daily for Haven of Rest
Serve as a Haven of Rest volunteer
Donate food, clothing and other material gifts
Support Haven of Rest financially

Q. What do volunteers do at Haven of Rest?
Currently, there are more than 700 Haven of Rest volunteers who give freely of their time to perform a wide variety of important tasks. Contact our coordinator of volunteers for an application and list of current volunteer opportunities.

Q. How can I have my name added to the Haven of Rest mailing list so I can receive your newsletter?
Write to us, call us or complete our online contact form.

Q. How do I arrange to take a tour of Haven of Rest?
Just let us know when you would like to come for a visit: Write, call, or complete our online contact form.

Q. Do you have a speaker’s bureau?
Yes, we do. Members of our staff are available to share the Haven of Rest story with your church group, club, school class, or organization. Write, call, or complete our online contact form.