"I came to the Mission on my own, and I'm so glad I did…I've been able to get away from the temptations that have really hurt me. I have a better perspective on my life and what God wants for me." - Joe, Haven of Rest resident

  • Akron Regional Dinner…by Hannah Rodgers

    Last week I had the great privilege of attending Haven of Rest’s Akron Regional Dinner. As a new employee, I have not been to too many dinners, but each time I go my heart is so full by the time the evening is over. As I sat, enjoying a delicious meal with the people at my table, I scanned the room; what I experienced moved me close to tears. I saw men and women of all walks of life sharing stories and even praying together at their tables. I heard joy and laughter rebounding off the walls as people introduced themselves to new friends or made new memories with old friends. Most strongly, I felt God’s peace and blessings washing … Read More

  • Dinner and a Mission…by Hannah Rodgers

    Come out and join Haven of Rest Ministries on August 4th, 2016 for a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich! For one day only, when you bring two cans of fruits or vegetables to select Chick-fil-A locations you can receive a coupon for a chicken sandwich. The event will run from 11am until 7pm. There is a limit of one coupon per customer, so gather your friends, pick up a couple cans of your favorite fruit or veggie, and pick up your coupon at the locations at the end of the blog. This event is the perfect way to save a few dollars on a great lunch or dinner to share with those you love as well as blessing Haven of Rest during … Read More

  • A Look in the Mirror…by Hannah Rodgers

    Recently the Men’s Division at Haven of Rest underwent a self-evaluation of the Residential Program. The entire process took about four months and it has been very helpful to see where the program’s strengths are and where there is room for growth. One great thing that came out of the evaluation was a new Bible study called “Roots of Faith.” It focuses on helping men gain a firm foundation of Bible knowledge through stories from the Old and New Testaments (for more information about “Roots of Faith” see the July Voice Newsletter). This wonderful blessing would not have been possible if the Men’s Division hadn’t followed God’s call to evaluate the program. Self-evaluation is one of the most difficult things … Read More

  • Playing the Waiting Game…by Hannah Rodgers

    Waiting, what a drag. It seems like we wait for everything, especially in line. We wait in line to buy groceries, to mail a package at the post office, to place our order at our favorite fast food restaurant, and I’m sure the longest line this week is to buy a Championship t-shirt for the Cavaliers. And even though most people loathe waiting and do their best to avoid it, it is a tool that God uses a lot in the Bible to illustrate lessons and bless believers. Hannah waited for a son, Joseph waited in jail two full years after interpreting Pharaoh’s first dream, Moses waited 40 years in the wilderness, and Mary and Joseph waited in Egypt to … Read More

  • Thanks, Father!…by Hannah Rodgers

    Patterned ties, golf socks, coffee mugs, gift cards, and sweaters; all great gifts for dad to show thanks on Father’s Day. But what do you get for a Father who has given us all we could ever need in perfect timing and love? A Father who never leaves or forsakes us and always has the very best intentions in mind? What can we possibly do to give thanks for all His mercy and grace? What do we get for a Father who gives us everlasting life? God is the great provider. He provides for our every earthly need; whether we know at the time we have that need or not. God knows when to say yes and when to say … Read More

  • Faith on the Waves…by Hannah Rodgers

    In a recent Bible study our group was talking about the life of Jesus and His ministry on Earth. Most of our group was very familiar with the miracles and amazing acts of Jesus during His time spent with the disciples so we dug deep into the Word and tried to think about the passages in a fresh, new way. When we got to Matthew 14 and began discussing Jesus calling Peter out onto the waves our discussion got interesting. Just in case it has been a while since you have read this passage, I’ll give a quick summary. Jesus and the disciples had just finished feeding the five thousand and they were ready to move on to the next … Read More

  • Cicadas…by Hannah Rodgers

    It’s the time of year for bugs again.  One of the loudest and most-publicized bugs this year is the cicada.  I was curious about why these particular bugs were getting so much attention so I did a quick search on the internet.  I found out that cicadas live an interesting life.  When they are born they look like tiny worms and live most of their lives in a groove in a tree that is carved by the mother cicada.  Once the cicadas are old enough they burrow deep in the ground by the tree’s roots, sometimes for up to seventeen years, where they continue to grow and mature.  As they come out of the ground they immediately find a tree … Read More

  • Sacrifice…by Hannah Rodgers

    John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. On Memorial Day we honor those in our Armed Forces who have lost their lives so that we can enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness every day. Their initial sacrifice to serve our country and ultimate sacrifice, their lives, has helped to secure our freedoms here in the United States. It is hard, at least for me, to wrap my head around this type of sacrifice. These brave men and women put their lives on the line for the safety of millions of people they will never meet. As I reflect upon their bravery and sacrifice I cannot help but … Read More