• Scripture Cards and Beyond…by Hannah Rodgers

    Oftentimes, ministry that happens at Haven of Rest is complicated. A lot of the work the Lord does, while it often begins at the Mission, happens once people leave our doors. For example, it happens similarly to Jesus’ miraculous healing of the ten lepers in Luke 17. If you need a refresher, the story happens in a small village as Jesus was travelling to Jerusalem. Ten lepers were standing far away from the road and when they saw Jesus coming they yelled out to Him, asking Him to heal them. Jesus told them to go to see the priests and then they would be healed. The ten lepers obeyed and were miraculously healed of their leprosy. Verses 15 and 16 … Read More

  • Running the Race…by Hannah Rodgers

    In the summer months it seems like there are 5k runs, marathons, and walkathons every weekend. Some are just for fun while others are raising money for worthy causes that can change people’s lives. Seeing all of these races around got me thinking about what it takes to get in shape – both physically and spiritually. Have you ever prepared to run a race or marathon? People run miles and miles for weeks and weeks in order to prepare for race day. They must build up their stamina and muscles for months to make sure their entire body, as well as their mind, is ready to go. Most people prefer to run with a friend or loved one to keep … Read More

  • He Prepares…By Hannah Rodgers

    God does amazing things; He prepares us, He knows what we cannot see. God has planned a future for us that we cannot ever imagine and is preparing us in ways that we couldn’t possibly understand. Often He is preparing us in ways we do not think we need, ways that somehow may seem unimportant, but, in the end, is just what we need. God gives us plenty of examples of this in the Bible. Let me share a couple. In the beginning of the book of Daniel, children of Israel were called upon to become worthy to stand before the king. These were children of princes and kings and they had no blemish, were skillful in all wisdom, and … Read More

  • Who, Me?…by Hannah Rodgers

    Everyone has a hobby. Some people like to hike, some like to paint, others like to work on or build cars and engines, but most people have something they enjoy doing to fill their free time. Also, if others are anything like me, they wish they had more time for their hobbies. Personally, one of my favorite hobbies is crocheting. Crocheting brings me so much peace and I really love being able to bless people with the projects I complete. My most recent project was for my newborn goddaughter, a blanket that I hope she will be able to use even as she grows up. Though she is not able to appreciate it just yet, it was so encouraging to … Read More

  • A School With Heart…by Michael Solosky

    Haven of Rest is very blessed to have tremendous support from Akron and the surrounding communities. Groups from all different backgrounds and of all different ages serve men, women and children in need at the Mission. Recently Haven of Rest has had interactions with many local schools. Some do district or school-wide fundraisers, some come in to volunteer their time, and others come for tours of our three-building campus. One of these schools is The Lippman School. A few weeks ago I traveled to The Lippman School on White Pond Drive here in Akron. This grade school adopted Haven of Rest Ministries in their effort to give back to the Akron community.  They collected clothes, diapers, personal care items, and … Read More

  • The Joy of Choice…by Hannah Rodgers

    As I mentioned in the last blog post, the reason a lot of people come to the Mission is that they have run out of healthy relationships. (Check here if you missed it.) This can most likely lead to a feeling of hopelessness and as if the cycle of poverty is an inevitability in life. If poverty has been the only way you have lived your entire life, there was probably not many opportunities for you to make choices about what you did, ate, wore, or where you slept. If there was a choice, it probably was a decision between bad and worse. Choice is one thing the Mission can offer men, women and children who come to Haven of … Read More

  • Abide With Me…by Hannah Rodgers

    Have you ever heard a phrase or song lyric and it just hits a chord within you, even if you have heard it a thousand times before? It’s heavenly, the moment that you hear the voice of the Lord speaking to you through the words of another person. Recently I had this experience as I was listening to my favorite hymn, ‘Abide With Me’. I have loved the hymn since I was a little girl and as I listened this time to one of my favorite renditions (you can find it here: the Lord helped me understand it in a new way. I have heard it said that when people come to rescue missions, or any other homeless shelter, … Read More

  • Two Blankets…by Hannah Rodgers

    Sometimes as we move through life we can lose sight of how God is moving around us every moment of the day. What a blessing it is when God wakes us up to His work and it is almost as if you can hear Him saying, “Pay attention! What’s happening here is important and a gift from Me!” I had one such experience recently at the Mission. I was taking my turn at the front desk answering the many important phone calls that reach Haven of Rest each day. My morning had been busy and my to-do list was through the roof. My mind was in about 30 places at once as I answered phone calls, fret about a due … Read More