• All God’s Children…by Hannah Rodgers

    As Haven of Rest continues to praise the Lord for His blessings on Harvest Home we think not only of all the women that have walked through the doors, but of all the children that have romped through the halls. In a recent conversation with Haven of Rest’s Child Advocate, Rachel Shoff, I got to hear about all the great things the children are involved in while they stay at Harvest Home.

    One of Rachel’s favorite things to do with the children, when they are on break from school, is to have Bible study in the morning. She shared a story that warmed my heart of a young boy, about eleven years old, in Bible study during Christmas time. Rachel was explaining the nativity story and when she got to the part when Gabriel is visiting Mary she stopped to explain it more carefully so the children could understand. She told them that Mary was Jesus’ mom and God was Jesus’ dad because he didn’t have an earthly biological father. She continued explaining that because of his unique parentage Jesus was both all man and all God. Right as she finished that explanation a boy spoke up and told her that it finally all made sense. Before that lesson he just could not understand how Jesus could die for our sins at Easter because Jesus is God and God doesn’t die. He explained that now he understood because if Jesus was a man he could die. Rachel was just as excited at the boy’s discovery as he was and applauded his effort to understand Jesus’ life.

    What a blessing little children can be! Imagine the comfort a boy or girl can have, even in a confusing and frustrating time of his or her life, if they know that Jesus died for them and is always going to be on their side! It is such a blessing to be able to share the Gospel with everyone who comes through the doors at the Mission. We ask you to pray that all hearts will be as open to the Gospel as the young boy’s during Bible study.

    Hannah Rodgers

    Communications Specialist