• Cicadas…by Hannah Rodgers

    It’s the time of year for bugs again.  One of the loudest and most-publicized bugs this year is the cicada.  I was curious about why these particular bugs were getting so much attention so I did a quick search on the internet.  I found out that cicadas live an interesting life.  When they are born they look like tiny worms and live most of their lives in a groove in a tree that is carved by the mother cicada.  Once the cicadas are old enough they burrow deep in the ground by the tree’s roots, sometimes for up to seventeen years, where they continue to grow and mature.  As they come out of the ground they immediately find a tree to latch on to and they shed their exoskeleton because they have begun to outgrow it.  As they emerge from their exoskeleton, blood rushes to their wings and their body expands to its adult size and it lives the rest of its life that way.  The sound that we generally associate with cicadas comes from the males.  They use their song to attract females so the whole life cycle can begin again.

    As I learned more and more about these interesting little insects, I couldn’t help but make connections between the life of the cicada and our spiritual lives in the Christian faith. Everyone’s faith journey is unique and personal but I think that the life of a cicada shows us a good general outline.  When accepting Christ into our hearts, our faith at times can start out small whether you are a young person or an adult.  We then burrow into His Word and learn more about Him, just as the cicadas burrow into the tree roots.  We learn and grow in our faith and love of Jesus Christ as we continue to burrow into His path for our lives.

    How fantastic is the Lord’s work, both in us and in nature!  It is amazing the journey that He takes His believers on as a new brother or sister in Christ.  At the Haven of Rest we meet people from all different places in their walk with the Lord.  It is our privilege and pleasure to give each of these men, women and children the opportunity to commit to the Lord and help keep them on track for His Kingdom.  Please continue to pray for everyone who comes to Haven of Rest; that they may feel the Lord working in their lives and follow His calling.


    Hannah Rodgers

    Communications Specialist