• Eyes on the Prize, Part One…by Hannah Rodgers

    In a recent Bible study, I was blown away when the speaker compared our lives to rowing a rowboat. If you have ever seen a rowboat in action, the rower is generally facing backwards on a bench in the middle of the boat. This leaves room in the back for passengers, depending on the size of the boat. Here is a photo if it’s hard to visualize or if you’ve never seen one:


    The front of the boat is the narrower end in the front of the photo. Notice the bench in the back of the boat that the rower is facing; that is generally saved for passengers. In this photo the man is rowing towards the photographer, whom he cannot see unless he turns around, which would impede his rowing.

    How is this at all like my life, you ask? Let me explain.

    As we travel through life we are sitting in a rowboat, like this guy. Our backs are turned to the future that is ahead of us and we are only able to see the past. As we row along our journey, seeing only what we have been through, we often rely on past experience to help guide us through what is in front of our boat. We are not necessarily focused or fixated on the past, it is just all we can see because of the way we are facing, just like life.

    There is no way for us to see the future or how our lives will turn out. We don’t even know for sure what will happen to us in the next five minutes! All we know is what we have already experienced and we use that to direct our boat along the river of life.

    What a lonely and scary path life can be! But, fear not, there are more pieces to the analogy. God has blessed my life with a new perspective because of this story and I can’t wait to share the next part of it with you next week. Check back soon to see how God can bless you with a new perspective.


    Hannah Rodgers

    Communications Specialist