• God’s Perfect Timing …by Mike Solosky

    One of our resident men, I will call him Aaron, had recently completed about a year on our Resident Men’s Program. Many of the men on the program have struggled with addictions or other issues. While on the program, they have daily responsibilities, and are also involved in both group and one-on-one counseling sessions. The goal is to get them back on their feet living a godly, productive lifestyle. Most times that involves a spiritual change. Once that change of heart occurs, things change for the better because of the power of the Holy Spirit and His ability to change hearts and lives!

    One Friday, I was able to speak with Aaron in the hallway on my way back from lunch. I had been praying for him because he has been looking for a job. A job was needed so that he could start saving money that would then enable him to move into his own apartment again. I

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    asked Aaron, “How is the job search going?” He looked downcast and admitted he was really disappointed. He said, “I went for a second interview today with the owner of a company and did not get the job offer I was expecting. This is very disheartening.” That was certainly a normal reaction based on how much he wanted the job and I told him that!

    I also said he had a choice to make and I hoped to help him to make that a positive choice. He could believe that this had occurred for a good reason and if this wasn’t the right job for him, then God would open up

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    an even better opportunity, something that would be more fulfilling and utilize more of his talents and abilities. He seemed to accept my suggestion. I said, “Aaron, we will continue to pray that God will open up the right door of opportunity for you in His perfect timing.”

    Recently, while reviewing the many prayer requests for which we were about to pray, I asked the men “What happened with Aaron and his job interview?” They said “Today he starts his new job!” We were all excited for him for this was the job he wanted and had just had multiple interviews for.

    When the timing doesn’t work out for you the way you want it to, what is your attitude? Do you choose to continue trusting God or do you try to force your way to get the results that you want when you want them? I can tell from vast experience, it is a whole lot easier when you do it God’s way. After all, He knows what is best for each of us. Will you trust Him? I know when I trust Him it always works out to be just the right timing!

    Michael Solosky
    Donor Relations Coordinator