• He Gives and Takes Away…by Hannah Rodgers

    Prayer is powerful; as Christians we can attest to that. As we read through the Bible we see again and again how God answered prayers of hurting hearts or was praised for the wonderful things He was doing in the lives of His followers. In 1 Samuel we find Hannah, a woman who could not bear children, cry out to the Lord and ask Him for a child. The Lord heard her cries and blessed her with a son, Samuel. To thank God for His blessing, after Samuel was weaned, Hannah gave him “to the house of the Lord” so he would grow up and become a prophet for the Lord of mercy. Samuel did grow up to be a great prophet for the Lord and Hannah continued to be blessed with three more sons and two daughters.

    How amazing! God always has the perfect timing to give and take away. God took away Hannah’s broken heart and gave her a son. In return she gave him up for the Lord. We pray for the deepest desires of our hearts (for family and friends, peace, love, hope, anything) and when He answers, like Hannah, we should give all the glory to the Lord.

    It is a vital part of the mission of Haven of Rest to instill this lesson into the men and women in our programs. God has perfect timing. Though sometimes it may seem that He is only taking away, He is making room for the greatest things in life that are yet to come. God can take away addiction, abuse, and neglect and provide a brand new life in Christ. Then, as the men and women in our programs have accepted Christ and His new path for their lives, we can encourage them to give their gifts back to the Lord and give Him all the glory.

    What a wonderful God we serve. As the Resurrection season is upon us, please pray that all will remember that the Lord has taken away the sting of death and given us the choice of a new life in Christ. That way, like Hannah, Christ can heal our hearts and we can give Him all the glory.


    Hannah Rodgers

    Communications Specialist