• Homelessness and the Easter Season…by Hannah Rodgers

    The Easter season is a time of reflection and self-evaluation for most Christians. To focus on what is important about the Easter season, some Christians give something up for the forty days of remembrance. They take a step back and look at their lives and ask the question, “What could I give up that will help me grow closer to Christ?” Some of the most popular are sweets and fatty foods or some will give up a bad habit or even Facebook. They take the time that they would normally use doing whatever they gave up and devote that time to Christ: using it instead in prayer, meditation, or some other way of serving the Lord.

    But what if you didn’t get a say in what you had to give up? What if instead of giving things up, things were just taken away or lost, including your sense of security and self-worth? What if you didn’t have the comfort of knowing God is always on your side and Jesus is your biggest advocate?

    For most of the men, women and children who come to Haven of Rest these questions are a reality. Some have lost their homes, some have lost loved ones, and others have just lost their way. No matter what has been taken away, Haven of Rest’s Christ-centered and success-oriented programs can help them find their way again. God is the core of everything Haven of Rest does and He can help them turn their question from, “Why was everything taken, Lord?” to, “I am taking everything to you, Lord.”

    During this Easter season please keep Haven of Rest in your prayers. Ask God to open the hearts and minds of everyone who comes to the Mission so that they may come to trust in Him.


    Hannah Rodgers

    Communications Specialist