• Never Too Far Gone …by Jacob Anderson

    A favorite passage of mine in the Bible is the Parable of the Lost Son (Also known as the Prodigal son). This story, found in Luke 15:11-31, is one of the many parables Jesus gave to the Pharisees. In the story, Jesus talks about a father and his two sons. The younger son wanted his promised inheritance early from his father. The father agreed with him and gave him his portion of the inheritance. Just a few days later, the younger son packed his belongings and moved away.

    While away, the younger son blew his money living a sinful lifestyle. He was focused only on himself and his desires. It did not take long for him to completely run out of money. In fact, he became so poor that he was no longer able to provide food for himself. Unfortunately for him, this coincided with a great famine in the land.

    Things got bad enough that eventually the younger son persuaded a local farmer to hire him. The farmer sent the younger son into his fields to feed the pigs. The younger son was so hungry that even the pods he was feeding the pigs looked appetizing to him. It wasn’t long before he realized the error of his ways. He thought to himself, “At home, even the hired servants have food enough to spare and here I am dying of hunger. I will go home to my father and tell him I have sinned and am no longer worthy of being called your son. Please take me as a hired servant.”

    So the younger son returned home to his father. Before he reached the home however, his father saw him and rushed to him filled with love and compassion. He embraced his son, kissed him, and told his servants to go get the finest robe in the house, a ring for his finger, and sandals for his feet. The father also told his servants to slaughter the fattened calf and prepare a feast to celebrate.

    This is how God feels about us when we come home to him and that is one of the many messages we share here at Haven of Rest Ministries. More often than not, men and women coming into the Mission feel like the younger son above, defeated and worthless. It’s our goal to let them know they are much more than that in God’s eyes and ours! Would you like to help us and support Haven of Rest Ministries? If so, please visit our website at and see what a difference you can make!


    Jacob Anderson
    Human Resources/Benefits Manager