• Q&A with Lynne, Banquet Coordinator…by Hannah Rodgers

    Spring banquet season is here at Haven of Rest Ministries! Banquets are such an immensely special time at the Mission. It is a time of sharing, fellowship, and praise for all the Lord has done and continues to do at Haven of Rest. I had the joy of talking with Lynne Taylor, Banquet Coordinator, about the banquets this year. Below you will find our Q&A session. Her answers are insightful and informative for people learning about banquets for the first time as well as people who attend every year.


    Hannah: What should people expect when they come?

    Lynne: Experience a delicious dinner and an encouraging, uplifting program. Usually there are two testimonies given of people’s lives before they came here and how Haven of Rest has helped them, where they are now, and how we can pray for them. We usually have a guest singer and Rev. Kaiser gives a short message of what’s going on here and what he observes. There are a lot of things that have changed in the last couple years. Ohio is #1 in heroin overdoses in the country so we want people to be aware of this problem and see what Haven of Rest is doing to help.

    H: What is the theme for this year?

    L: Together: Rebuilding Lives Through Christ. I love that. God holds lives together and He is in the business of rebuilding. He was a carpenter when He was here. We have the privilege of helping so many people whose lives have been shattered; God puts them together better than they ever were before. We hope people come to know the Lord and continue on their journey with Him and fulfill their calling in life.

    H: Is there a cost to attend?

    L: There is no cost to attend. Reservations are required, though, because there is limited seating at every venue. At the end we do have a Friend of the Friendless Faith Promise Offering that you can give to. You will be able to give on your phone this year, which is new, because a lot of people don’t carry cash or checks anymore.

    H: In your opinion, what is the best part of the night?

    L: The testimonies and seeing the changes that take place, through Jesus, in the lives of men and women who have been helped by the Mission.

    H: What do you wish for those attending?

    L: I hope that everyone that attends a banquet this year would feel a closer sense of connection with Haven of Rest and just see the difference that we can make when we partner together. We would also like to encourage our guests to come in for a tour or to volunteer, just be more involved on a personal level.

    H: Can people invite their friends and family to join them?

    L: Yes, please. We just ask that people be 18 years and older. We want families to come and especially if you know of someone at church or someone you work with that has a family member that is struggling with addiction please bring them.

    H: How can we pray for the banquets?

    L: That the banquets would really honor and glorify God and show the difference that Christ can make in lives. I had a godson who stayed in secular homeless shelters with his family when he was a child. So when he came with me on a tour [at Haven of Rest] as an adult, he cried because he said he wished his family would have stayed in a place like Haven of Rest and it would have changed their lives. He sees the educational component here, the personal component, how we treat people with respect, and he said he wished they could have gone through here instead of where they did. Pray that people would see the difference that a Christ-centered shelter makes.

    H: Where do they make reservations?

    L: You can call Lynne Taylor at Haven of Rest or you can make them online at

    H: If someone has a question, how can they contact you?

    L: You can call at Haven of Rest or email at


    Haven of Rest’s Spring Banquets will be:

    Tuesday, March 14 at Hartville Kitchen, 1015 Edison St. NW, Hartville, OH 44632

    Thursday, March 16 at Hartville Kitchen, 1015 Edison St. NW, Hartville, OH 44632

    Thursday, March 23 at The Galaxy Restaurant, 201 Park Centre Dr., Wadsworth, OH 44281

    *All banquets begin at 6:30 p.m.


    I hope that you will join us in celebration and presentation of God’s work at Haven of Rest. Remember, if you have questions or if you wish to make reservations, please go to the banquets page of the website or call Lynne Taylor at the Mission at 330-535-1563. Whether you can attend or not, please be in prayer for God to be glorified and hearts to be moved and changed through the banquets this year.


    Hannah Rodgers

    Communications Specialist