• Radical Hospitality …by Jim Cole

    “Radical Hospitality” is a term that we use in rescue mission circles. I like to think of it in relation to the story of the good samaritan. Our community is full of good samaritans. They have struggling friends, neighbors, and family members. They desire to help them but can become overwhelmed by

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    the severity of the needs. They look for places that they can take the people that they care about to get help. The hope is that when they get to that place, the person is well taken care of and is set on a path back to wellness, sobriety, and independence- a reality we believe is possible through a saving relationship with Christ. Haven of Rest is often that place that people turn to. We know that everybody that comes through our door is somebody’s brother, sister, father, mother, son or daughter, and they deserve to be treated with diginity and respect.

    Grace has a powerful and confusing pull on people. I have spoken with many men who graduated

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    from our long- term program. Commonly, they desribe their first few days on the program as overwhelmingly loving. People are asking their name, giving them clothing, serving them great meals, and all of this feels undeserved. Internally they feel, if you really knew who I was, you wouldn’t be doing this or giving me these things. I’m a bad person and I’ve hurt a lot of people. Yet that’s what God’s grace is all about. We are bad people. We feel like we have to earn grace, but we couldn’t be good enough to earn anything God blesses us with. However, He has made a way for us to be called His children and become co-heirs with Christ.

    It is truly good news that the life-controlling issues that have brought a person to Haven of Rest do not have to define him. Through Christ, we can have a totally new identity. Forgiveness is real and there is an answer to the guilt, shame, bitterness, anger, and regret that we carry. Thank you for trusting us as the “innkeeper” to care for your loved ones. It is my prayer that we would show “radical hospitality” in the name of Christ to them in their time of deepest need.


    Jim Cole
    Director of Men’s Division