• Snow…by Hannah Rodgers

    Snow. For some, this word insights an involuntary shiver and a sudden need to have a vacation on the beach, but for others it spurs their adventurousness and they make any excuse to go out and romp in the snow drifts. I find myself in the middle of this spectrum; snow is lovely to see floating around outside as I am snuggled up with my cats and a good book by a fireplace, but I would generally prefer to stay in, where my feet and hands will stay warm and dry.

    The very best thing about snow, in my opinion, is how quiet it makes the world. There is really nothing like it. As I was loading my groceries in my car after my weekly shopping trip, I stopped and had to marvel at how quiet the parking lot was. It was full of cars and people shuffling to and from the store, but I could hardly hear a sound. I am constantly amazed by God’s creation, but I think this phenomenon takes the cake. As the New Year is now upon us, many people are self-evaluating and trying to find direction for this new chapter in life. To help with this, God literally hits the mute button as the snow piles up outside, giving us time and headspace to reflect on how He is moving in our lives. How amazing is our God!

    Psalm 46:10 is the perfect verse for this snowy season; it says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” As the frigid winter winds sweep through and snow piles up, there is hardly anything else to do but be still. Sometimes when men, women and children come to Haven of Rest, it is their first opportunity to be still as well. Just as the snow dampens the sound outside, when people who are fleeing stressful or dangerous situations they find peace and quiet at the Mission and are able to be still and call on the Lord. In the chaotic situations that some individuals come from, it can be hard to hear yourself think let alone listen for the voice of the Lord over all the noise and stress. Haven of Rest can offer them the stability they need in order to listen to the plans God has for their lives and provide the resources for them to make changes that will lead them toward a fulfilling walk with Him.

    When you take a moment to savor the silence of winter, say a prayer for the men, women and children who are finding peace at Haven of Rest. Pray they can grow in their understanding of the Lord’s path for their lives and follow Him.


    Hannah Rodgers

    Communications Specialist