• Miracle of the Loaves …by Mike Solosky

    This true story is an example of one of the most rewarding parts of my job. It is also a vivid example of how God supplies all the needs for Haven of Rest Ministries.We pray daily that He will supply all the needs and He has and continues to do so, now almost 70 years after this ministry’s beginnings in 1943 started.

    A man phoned me. I will call him John, for he chooses to remain anonymous. He’s the manager of a local retail store. He called to tell me that they had collected some fresh bread for Haven of Rest. When I went to pick up the bread, they had collected over 90 loaves. What a blessing! A few days later, he called again and again he had over 90 loaves. A third time he called me, all within the same week, and once again had over 90 loaves.

    They have continued to ask each of their customers, as they are checking out, if they would purchase a loaf of bread for Haven of Rest. The total is now about 700 loaves in a 3 week period! To me this is an absolute miracle! What makes it even better is how fresh the bread is and how obvious the love of their customers is for this ministry and those we help!

    God knows

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    the needs of Haven of Rest. He also knows your needs and my needs. Trust Him for He will never fail you. Who knows, He might send you your own miracle of increase.

    Michael Solosky
    Donor Relations Coordinator