• The Attitude Is Gratitude …by Mike Solosky

    During Holy Week, I witnessed some people who unknowingly were teaching me life lessons. They were amazing and I will never forget them.

    A married, middle aged, couple, came in and made a significant donation to help the poor and needy here at Haven of Rest. Despite what must be overwhelming medical bills due to their own health challenges, they chose to make a substantial financial donation. These are not wealthy people. They just felt led by God to make the donation. What an awesome witness! There was no feeling sorry for them. They just wanted to give where their money would make a difference for people who are really hurting. They were other oriented not self centered.

    Then I had the privilege of giving a tour to a beautiful family. It was composed of a grandmother, her 30-something son and his wife and two children, including a baby and the sister of the grandmother. We got to a part of the tour, The Marjorie Ruth Thomas Harvest Home, where the women and children are housed. There on the wall was a picture of the co-founder, Marjorie Ruth Thomas. The sister said “Over twenty years ago I spent a few months here with my son staying at Harvest Home. Mrs. Thomas had a profound impact on me spiritually! I want to start giving back to this ministry perhaps by volunteering.” I wish you could have seen the glow on her face. Life has not been easy for this lady, but she showed me how to be victorious. Victory was written all over her smile!

    Then there was the nineteen-year-old beauty queen from Akron. She wanted to help us with Easter baskets and, in fact, raised enough money and donated to deliver one hundred ten substantial Easter baskets! Thanks for a great example! She truly has wisdom beyond her years.

    In every case, these folks, regardless of their age or walk of life, were humble and realized how blessed they are by God. Each of them had a wonderful giving heart. It makes my heart joyful just thinking about them.

    Michael Solosky
    Donor Relations Coordinator