• The Gift of God’s Love …by Aimee Pryor

    Christmas has arrived at Harvest Home! Walking through the building you will see a Christmas tree in almost every room. Decorations are up and bring out that childlike wonder of excitement and joy that come with the Christmas holiday. You should see the children gazing at the trees and lights! They light up with joy!

    Christmas can be a joyous time for many families, however for the women and children staying at Harvest Home it can be difficult. Yet they know that for this season in their lives God has brought them here for a purpose to receive the help they need to restore what they have lost. As staff, we aim to make Christmas as enjoyable and comforting as possible! What blesses us so much is that we could not make Christmas or the month of December as special as it is on our own. It is the volunteers and people that donate and give that make Christmas a wonderful time.

    Let me share just a few of the activities that are part of the month of December. Each year, a loving gift is given to the women and children that includes a shopping spree at the Hartville Market Place. This allows the women to do a little Christmas shopping since they cannot provide for their family on their own.  After shopping the children enjoy inflatables for them to run and bounce in at Pump-It-Up! Local area churches in Akron provide Christmas parties and special dinners for those staying with us, including gifts and a family oriented evening. They hear about the love of God and see it demonstrated in those that provide these special parties.  Devotional leaders share about Jesus and how he is the greatest gift we can receive at Christmas. Many volunteers stop in and bring cookies and desserts and special gifts for the women and children. We have had groups provide Christmas parties and special breakfasts. We couldn’t ask for more caring people!

    The greatest gift that comes from so many people that care is the example of God’s love they see in these acts of kindness. Through giving and providing these events, hearts are softened to the Word of God and lives begin to change. Hope becomes more of a possibility and the thought that life can get better becomes a reality. Pray for the hurting, lost, and those in need during this Christmas season!

    Aimee Pryor
    Assistant to the Director of Harvest Home