• The Heart of a Child …by Mike Solosky

    About a month ago I was contacted by the mother of an 11 year old girl who attends a local suburban middle school. The mother told me that her daughter came up with the idea to collect blue jeans for Haven of Rest. Apparently the mother had asked her daughter to clean some things out of her closet and her daughter came up with this idea. Mom asked if we needed blue jeans and I said yes since we give clothing away to about 1,400 people every month.

    At my suggestion the mother, daughter and a few friends from her girl scout troop came in for a tour on a Saturday morning so they could find out about Haven of Rest and how we help those in need. A few weeks later I again heard from the mother. She told me her daughter had collected a few blue jeans and wanted to know when they could deliver them to us. I asked about her how many are a few. They ended up bringing in almost 400 pairs of blue jeans! With the permission of the girl scouts’ parents we took some pictures of the girls that brought us the blue jeans and said thanks on Facebook.

    Let me tell you what I learned from this little girl who so shyly spoke with me when I first met her. Do not underestimate the heart of a child, especially a heart of compassion! She could teach a lot of the adults I know (including me), about what their priorities should be and how they can make a real difference if they seek to make a difference in the lives of others around them.

    If you met this little girl you would be impressed because she is very pretty and well behaved and you would also notice how shy she is. Take a lesson from this experience of mine. Do not underestimate the heart of a child! Just think what we could accomplish as adults if we would simply emulate a child such as this!


    Michael Solosky
    Donor Relations Coordinator