• The Ministry of Development …by Aimee Pryor

    Harvest Home is staffed by women who feel called to serve in the area of mercy. Sometimes we also say we are on the “frontlines” of ministry. This evokes imagery of war and a battlefield. So on one hand we feel called to be the ones to give mercy, a cup of cold water, a warm bed, and a listening ear. I think of the nurses in the hospital tents during a war. We are in a battle and are praying before we head into our jobs, praying together for strength and wisdom and gathering our “armor” (Eph. 6:10-18) and then often confronting difficult and challenging guests throughout the day. It does take a special type of person to be able to be on both fields at a moment’s notice.

    If you were to ask any staff person who worked in the women’s division if they could do any other vocation, I am sure most if not all would say no. They feel fulfilled in their calling to work with women and children in need and in crisis. But not all are called to work on the frontlines. Many are called to be there when a family leaves Harvest Home and begins to get back on their feet. It is then that they need so much support and encouragement which requires a significant commitment of time and patience. At Harvest Home we call this phase “development.”

    It is so vital that individuals feel called to development. This is when older women mentor younger, this is when business owners take risks in hiring, this is when families love and invite others that are different into their home for dinner. This is investment. This brings change and hope. This

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    is what God does with us each day we seek Him and allow His Word to penetrate our hearts and bring change. We too can walk along with another person and be there for the questions and the tough decisions.

    Development is not easy, but is it so necessary. Two current programs at Harvest Home are working toward development, Future Story and Lydia’s Purse.

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    Women are finding confidence, skills, and direction for their future. While a plethora of staff and volunteers provide them a support system. Women who felt as if they had no future and have found significance and hope and purpose. Harvest Home is about mercy and relief in crisis, but it is also about development and support for a purpose and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). Think about ways you might be called to get involved and make a difference.


    Aimee Pryor
    Assistant to the Director of Harvest Home