• The Power of Listening …by Matt Pryor

    Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is just listen to them. In a world that is always quick to give opinions, offer advice, make judgments, and state preferences, the thought of just listening to someone can seem unfruitful.

    The pull to offer solutions and solve problems can be great. But as we gradually slow down and truly start to listen to the person, we find our compassion starts to grow for them. We no longer treat them as a project that needs fixed, but an individual who needs help.

    While Haven of Rest has many great programs and services to offer, all of this would be meaningless without a staff that strives to have a compassionate heart and listening ear. On any given day, it’s not uncommon to see not only chaplains, social workers, and counselors taking time to listen to those in need, but also clothing, kitchen, and facilities staff taking a little time out from their busy schedule to listen to the hurting people. Our desire is to minister to them through our programs and services, but none of this would be possible without first listening to those in need.

    Matt Pryor
    Media and Social Networking Specialist