• The Warmth of the Gospel …by Aimee Pryor

    It has been a harsh winter. The cold and snow has all of us dreaming of sunny days and warm breezes! Working in a shelter for women often brings the harsh reality of the cold to mind. Sometimes the heat had been turned off in the place they were staying. Other times they found themselves no longer able to depend on family and friends for shelter.

    Harvest Home is warm at all times inside! The heat is kept comfortable and the women and children are able to enjoy a safe, warm place to stay despite the frigid temperatures outside. Many of the women I talk to are grateful that they have a place to stay that keeps their family warm and cozy.

    Just as a building can keep bodies warm, the Gospel can break down the coldest of hearts and warm the spirit. I see many women come to Harvest Home with cold hearts. Hearts that have been broken and hurt so many times that the thought of trusting again is too much to bear. Yet if hope can be found in Jesus, and trust can be restored, the heart can shed the cold and bitter days and find the warmth that only the Light of the World can bring.

    Pray for the women, pray for their hearts to be warmed by the Spirit of God and for the old to pass away. Your support and prayers enable us to continue to lift up the hurting and those in need throughout the year.

    Aimee Pryor
    Assistant to the Director of Harvest Home