• Trusting God …by Matt Pryor

    Working in ministry can be exhausting. The task at hand can be daunting and even more so when we want to see the results of our work. We want lives to be changed and happy endings for all that pass through Haven of Rest’s doors, but God has a way of reminding us that only HE knows the end result. This is very humbling when we once again are reminded that He is at work and we are only called to show up with open hearts, listen to Him, and act accordingly.

    I came across this passage from a favorite writer of mine, Richard Rohr: “Our ordinary lives are given an extraordinary significance when we accept that our lives are about something much larger, our pain is a participation in the redemptive suffering of God, our creativity is the very passion of God for the world. No longer do we need to self-validate, self-congratulate or self-doubt–our place in the cosmos is assured. I do not need to be

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    the whole play or even understand the full script. It is enough to know that I have been chosen to be one actor on the stage. I need only play my part as well as I can.”

    This is a great reminder that I don’t need to know the whole story. The greater act of faith is to trust that the small part God has given me to play will be worked out through Him.


    Matt Pryor

    Development Assistant