• Who, Me?…by Hannah Rodgers

    Everyone has a hobby. Some people like to hike, some like to paint, others like to work on or build cars and engines, but most people have something they enjoy doing to fill their free time. Also, if others are anything like me, they wish they had more time for their hobbies. Personally, one of my favorite hobbies is crocheting.

    Crocheting brings me so much peace and I really love being able to bless people with the projects I complete. My most recent project was for my newborn goddaughter, a blanket that I hope she will be able to use even as she grows up. Though she is not able to appreciate it just yet, it was so encouraging to see how grateful her mom was to have something handmade that she can treasure. Any craftsman can appreciate the feeling of humble joy that comes when someone appreciates something that you have worked hard on and put love into. Recently, Harvest Home was blessed with a thoughtful craftsman that used his hobby and blessed the children in the Nurture Center.

    A generous and talented man, John, used his love of woodworking to create this beautiful rocking horse (see photos below). What a blessing to children who are staying with us! John made the saddle section from walnut, the body from pine, and the bottom rocker is made of sturdy oak. To test the sturdiness, John’s grown son sat on it and it held up with no problem! You will also notice that John even took the time to add a woven tail and mane as well as a carefully painted face. John shared that when he was looking for a place where he could give this beautiful horse, a friend shared with him about Haven of Rest. How blessed are we that he decided to come for a tour and give the children at Harvest Home something they will treasure and gives them hours of fun!

    So what do you like to do? Yes, you! If you have a hobby and you are looking for a way to honor God with the passion and skills He has granted you, look no further than Haven of Rest. We have talented, dedicated volunteers who use their passions to help almost every day at the Mission. Love gardening? We have a gardening program for both men and women who are staying with us and we could use your expertise! How about sewing? We teach that to women who are staying with us, too! Love Bible study or reading? Yup, you guessed it, we study daily with men, women, and children! What if you really love organizing and working with men and women who are serving the Lord together? We would love to work with you in the office! No matter how Christ has blessed your life, you can use it to be a blessing to someone in need. For more information on volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Jan Pluck, at 330-535-1563.


    Hannah Rodgers

    Communications Specialist


    Pictured below is John with his work of art: