Stories of Change

  • Mary

    Life can be full of ups and downs. The unexpected can happen and in the blink of an eye your life is forever changed. Mary Watson experienced a change when she was laid off. This was not her first time; … Read More

  • Harvey

    Tragedy, loss and suffering always bring us to a place of searching for answers. It’s finally at the bottom that we end up asking the questions of Why? Is there a reason? or Does God actually exist? For Harvey, life … Read More

  • Rick

    Transformation is not an easy process. It doesn’t happen over night; it takes time. Sifting through years of regrets, fears, and failures, all while working toward “putting on a new self in Christ” is difficult. Rick admits with open honesty, … Read More

  • Aaron

    Psalm 23:3 “ He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.” For Aaron, being at Haven of Rest is not just about recovery, it’s about restoration. Born into a Christian home where … Read More

  • Richard

    It looked like Richard was living the dream: he had a successful career and a nice home. But Richard was living a double life. “I? was the suit and tie successful guy by day, and at night I was someone … Read More

  • David

    “I grew up in the church with my parents and grandparents, and accepted Christ and was baptized when I was around 10. My Sunday school teacher bought me a Bible, and I have it with me to this day. No … Read More