New Purpose For Life

Haven of Rest opened the Marjorie Ruth Thomas Harvest Home 36 years ago, giving the greater Akron area its first shelter for homeless women. Since then, thousands of women, many single with children, ha

ve found much more than a shelter. They found compassion, hope and most importantly Christ. Michele is an example of one of those women.

Sadly, abuse was a reality for Michele while growing up. She had been mistreated in many ways and devalued as a person. After leaving the rough environment of her childhood home, she still experienced difficulty. Eventually when evicted from her home, the eviction brought her to Harvest Home.

The daily Bible studies held for the women were a major encouragement to Michele. She had accepted Christ as a child, but through her time at Harvest Home she began to grow in her faith.

She learned how to be a godly woman from the staff’s example at Harvest Home. During this time, Michele struggled to find meaning through her trials. “I didn’t know my purpose; I had been asking God for direction and a person to encourage me.” He answered her prayers through her relationship with Harvest Home Case Manager, Kathleen Turner. Kathleen mentored her in a way that was loving and kind and spoke truth in a manner that Michele needed to hear.

Because of her relationship with Kathleen, Michele has a new found hope and purpose for he life. “Kathleen was an answer to prayer; she was the ‘Iron Sharpens Iron’ that I needed,” explains Michele. Today, because of the impact mentoring had on her own life, Michelle is looking forward to mentoring other women going through similar heartache that she experienced. She plans to show them how they can have hope through Christ.

We are grateful that Harvest Home was here when Michele needed a place to stay. She was offered encouragement, hope, and a compassionate listening ear. Please keep Michele in your prayers.

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